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Cpu stock fan or a non stock Cpu fan

Started by Tubble12, Jan 21, 2016, 07:09 pm

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Hello I am wondering if anyone on to forum can help me I'm making a gaming pc and I'm wondering if I should use the stock fan that comes with the Intel CORE I5-4460 3.20GHZ I'm not planning to do overclocking it would be great if someone could help me  it gets so confusing some times sqrlMEH


A big nope for the stock one. :D
I definitely recommend you buying a non-stock cooler, especially that you want to overclock the cpu.
You can find relly good coolers for a reasonable price, so it worth.


Okay thank you for your help


The stock one is fine if you're not overclocking. I've had the stock cooler for my i5 4590 for about a year and the temperature is fine. It's just kinda noisy. If you don't have the money right now. It's fine to keep the stock cooler, otherwise it's a good move to go for a quiter one.


There is nothing wrong with the stock cooler. it's designed to keep your cpu cold enough


i got myself the Liqmax II 120S AIO watercooling, and my temps got down 10-15C on load! i am very happy..
it's cheap also, and widely available for around €65
if you know your pc a bit, you can have it installed within 20 minutes.
it is dual fan (push-pull) and very very quiet.. no pump noice what so ever, and i have a windowed case (NZXT S340 white)

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