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Asus Strix Not 100% Working

Started by Rikster11627, Oct 25, 2015, 02:19 pm

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Hello Fellow Nutters!

I bought my Strix keyboard way back in January; and I cannot get any of the macro keys or media keys to work. The keyboard itself did not come with any disk (although I bought it brand new). I downloaded the software from Asus' site. However I cannot get them to work.

I was wondering if anyone else with a strix keyboard would have any advice, or even if they have the same issue as me.

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Have you tried the Strix software with any other computers? Have you tried the keyboard in different USB ports?


Wow, after all these months I had it in the keyboard usb of my PC. Thanks! The media keys are now working. However I am struggling to figure out the macro keys - and how to make them compatible with Teamspeak & games.

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