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Mods tangles with Online

Started by Eaze54, Aug 29, 2015, 09:18 pm

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Does anyone know how to install mods for GTA V for Single Player and still play Online, without your mods getting in there?

I've installed some mods and when I get in the Online, I see that my mods are in the Online mode! This is beyond frustration, because I backup'd my Vanilla/Default files in case it wouldn't work.

Now, I removed those modded files, and replaced them again with the Vanilla. Same thing. It is still in the game, and I CANNOT get it out of there, WITHOUT Re-installing the game. Which, I have. Three times now and this makes it fourth.

GTA V is 59.7 GB to download and it takes over 5 hours to download it, just to play Online with friends.

I have OpenIV and I mod those .RPF files, and that is the files inside them, that I backup whenever I am going to replace them with a mod, and that doesn't work! I've watched several tutorial videos, but they're so complicated and so frustrating because I have no idea what they are on about 50% of the time they're talking.

I just want to have mods in GTA Single Player WITHOUT it getting to Online mode and without having to re-install the game every time I am to play some Online with a buddy or two!

I'd appreciate every kind of assistance, but a video on how to do it, I have watched and I have done exactly as they have, and it just screws up and pisses me off every time.



Look up Jeff Favignano's most recent GTA V modding tutorial, in the beginning he explains how you can separate a modded and vanilla version of the game. I'm on mobile now so can't link to the video, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.


There is a video that is 54 minutes long, and that's the one I watched. I was quite disappointed, because they guy did NOT show how to backup your files, to play with them in Single Player, and still get in Online with mods being in SP but not showing up in Online.

That's a bit of a disappointment to me, really. Because that's what I need to do. I know how to install all the mods, I just don't know how to get them working with Online, because I don't want them in Online.


He actually did, at the beginning of the video he shows you he has 3 folders. You only need 2: one completely vanilla (no modifications whatsoever) and one in which you can install any mod you want. When you've got both of the folders, rename them to indicate which one is the vanilla version and which one is the modded version. You could have something like "Grand Theft Auto V Modded" and "Grand Theft Auto V Vanilla". When you want to play SP with mods, rename the former to "Grand Theft Auto V". When you want to play MP, rename the latter to "Grand Theft Auto V". It might cost you 60GB of extra disk space, but it's the quickest way to keep modded and online separated. So much better than removing and reinstalling mods all the time.

Hope this helps :)


I did that, but here's the I need to have BOTH these folders in the same drive where GTA V's directory is originally installed so it works, or does it work if it's on a separate drive? 

So, what you are saying is, that if I want to play GTA V in SP with mods, I simply rename one of folders, for example 'Grand Theft Auto V SP' back to 'Grand Theft Auto V' and then play it with mods?

Is that the same thing with Online? I just need to re-name the folders back to it's Vanilla folder and it will work without SP, in that Vanilla folder?

I'm a bit confused here, mate. Lol


They both have to be in the same folder. The reason is basically because when you click the GTA V shortcut, it looks for the files that are in the Grand Theft Auto V folder. If there are modded files in there, it will load the game with the mods in it, even when playing online. What you could do is change the target in the shortcut properties, so you can have both folders in different drives, but I'm honestly not sure if that'd work. I know having both folders on the same drive could be a waste of money, but I'm not quite sure if there are other ways that work..


Do you have steam, Mate? If so, please add me on there. It's Eaze_54. Feel free, mate, because I'm a bit lost here. xD

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