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Does Windows 10+Logitech G27 work together?!!!

Started by nicktune1219, Aug 03, 2015, 01:32 am

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Hello Nutters!

I was thinking about switching to Windows 10! Looks amazing! But does Windows 10+Logitech G27 work together? Also do they work together with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Omsi 2? I need help!

Thank you![kappa:)]
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on the product page it doesn't say so, but on the drivers page, it does, so the best thing you can do is e-mail Logitech and patiently wait for an answer.

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If you need any help, feel free to ask.


I have a G27 and Windows 10 and they work perfectly.

There was no need to update drivers (or if there was it happened silently behind the scenes).  I just carried on playing ETS2 where I left off and all was good.  In fact, all was better as ETS2 seems to run smoother on W10.

Just have a look at the guide posted by theblacknight04 on upgrading.

It is worth going back into the GeForce Experience to check that the Nvidea drivers are updated and also to check that any games are using the optimised settings.

Sorry, can't help with OMSI, but I am sure someone else will.


Thank you all. If you have any  other information about the combination let me know.
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I've been running Windows 10 since release day and my G27 has worked with no problems at all, didn't even have to update or change any drivers, it just worked as it did when I was on 8.1. P.S, I use it with both ETS2 and OMSI 2, and there aren't any problems with either of them :)

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