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Adding mods

Started by failedvirusV2, May 05, 2015, 07:14 pm

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I have downloaded OMSI 2 Steam Edition, I just wanted to know how do you add squirrel's mods to it.


If you have ever modded FSX - then modding OMSI should be easy. Unlike ETS2 which has its own dedicated mod folder, for OMSI - you have to copy the files into the games main directory. The folder will look something like this   - mine is quite modded so there are some folders there which you will not have / won't need.

So, for example, if you have a bus mod, you will place the bus in the "vehicles" folder, a map in the "maps" folder and so on. With maps, they will often have splines and sceneryobjects included, make sure they get put in the correct folder, otherwise you will get errors.


Be sure to read the readme's too. Some mods require other mods to be downloaded before you can run them properly, mostly map mods.

Tip: try to take a look at OMSI Mod Manager. If a mod is downloadable for the mod manager, it makes it quite a lot easier to install the mod ;)


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