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Logitech Driving Force GT

Started by Duffman_1991, May 03, 2015, 03:20 pm

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I'm thinking about buying a new computer and, with that, a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

All I need to know is this: is it a good wheel for playing ETS 2 and, maybe other driving games? I know it isn't G27 but the G27 is so expensive and I don't feel like buying it for such a steep price.

Many thanks,



That is no the best chose you could go with the g27  but that would be fine.  sqrlNUTS


I have a DFGT and it's fine for ETS2. I bought this instead of the G27 for the same reason as you, the price! If you're not too bothered about the stick shift (as it only shifts forwards and backwards) for changing gear, then it's perfectly fine.

The main problem I have had with it (although this is a problem for most wheels) is getting it set up right both in the game and using the Logitech Profiler software. You have to have the Profiler software running before you start the game (this is the same for the G27 as far as I know). There are lots of settings you can adjust and it can be difficult trying to figure out what to adjust but other people here and elsewhere should be able to help.

I say if you can't afford the G27 then go for it.


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Thank you, guys, the help was much appreciated.

P0lyg0nW1nd0w any chance I can bother you for some advice on configuring my wheel, when I get it?



Yes no problem, I haven't changed too much with the in-game settings, mostly just the Logitech Profiler settings. I've found the main issue is striking the right balance with how the Force Feedback feels. If you just go with default settings and don't use the LP then it can feel too stiff but there are varying degrees you can change it.

Anyway, let me know once you get it and I'll let you know what I use and you can adjust from there.


Thank you very much.


Thanks P0lyg0nW1nd0w  I've been looking for a wheel for assetto corsa and project cars, can't afford a g27 like alot of other people so this will be my wheel for now

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