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Shooter game advice

Started by SirLordCustardthe10th, Apr 29, 2015, 11:38 pm

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 sqrlNUTS Hello my fella nutters I've been being owned on GTA5 and killed when playing in groups making people rage quit. sqrlFAIL  What advice would you give to be a better shot and notice opponents easier. sqrlBEAST  I struggle to notice things quickly and aim is not great would internet lag not be helping me. I would be scared asking this kind of question in most forums however with how nice the nutter community is I an comfortable being here. sqrlYES  sqrlVICTORY  sqrlNUTS

Chris (chjl1234)

Moved to GTA as it's GTA and other shooter related!


I know this is a little late Chris, but my advice to anyone playing First Person shooters or Third Person, First and foremost would be to set the mouse movement speed that feels good to you.

Most mouses now come with 6800 DPI and higher, but for me they are a waste of time. I do have one that is capable of 8000 something but when playing shooters i set it to 400-800 DPI with standard windows mouse setting. I then use the games own slider to set my prefered speed. High DPI just makes your mouse wiz around the screen and most games i have found do not slow down the mouse enough to be precise with thier own sliders.

The slower your mouse movement is, the more accurate you will be when aiming, especially if you are aiming at a moving target. But that also limits how fast you can 180 to hit someone behind you, so somewhere in between thats right for you is best.

It is all about your hand eye coordination and how much you percieve you have moved the mouse to how much it has actually moved on screen, but still has to feel right, not too fast and not too slow. It will also feel a little strange to start with, but once you have tried it and played with it for an hour or so, it will become a lot more natural.

The best way i can describe it would be to find something to aim at on a wall. A poster or something that is easy to see. Aim away from that target and move the mouse quickly to aim at it. Now if you have moved your mouse too far then slow the mouse down until you stop at just about the right spot. If you can then aim at the spot consitently from different angles and the mouse movement feels good to you, and doesn't restrict you from turning 180 to get someone behind you quickly (mouse falls off mat, bad) it should be good. All it takes now is practice as with all things.

The shooting range in GTAV is pretty good, spend some time on that. If you have CS-GO, there is a nice mod that has various different settings for aim practice. Bear in mind though every game feels different but the basics are very much the same, always set the mouse speed to whatever feels most comfortable to you. So when you wip around to a target you are not overmoving the mouse or under moving the mouse. Once you get used to a certain speed it wont take you long in any game to get the mouse feeling right for you.

Oh and always try to hit someone in the head :P, well that is at least when you have your aim down :) other wise atleast hit/ aim for upper body close to head :)

And yes internet lag will get you killed a lot, IF it is bad. If it is bad take your time and learn to be smart and attack your enemy from the side or at least try to supprise them. Dont try to be the hero taking everyone head on, let the others do that and you pick people off :). As for noticing opponents earlier. Well that is never easy to start with in any game, that comes with playing the game a lot and just getting used to it. Make use of the minimap if there is one in whatever game you are playing. Get used to looking at it.

The other thing i would suggest aswell, is not playing online games with ultra settings on, especially new games that tax your PC. That is of course unless your PC can handle it with no problems at all. Some games have things in them that just clutter the screen with crap that is just not needed when online and can blurr your view of what is happening infront of you. Find out what you can get rid of in the settings while still havng a good view of what is happening. When playing anything competativly you want things to be looking as smooth as possible but running as fast as possible aswell. Anything like sun glares and dust particles, if you can get rid of that **** when online get rid of it, its great in single player for nice effects but shitty for online.

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