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Closed Captions for stream

Started by jamit, Aug 03, 2019, 01:55 pm

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Hi Squirrel, I've been watching you since Euro Truck Simulator 2 back in the Squirrel year 2 days and had been lurking in your channel for long time but unfortunately I never get to chat on your stream is because I'm DEAF that are unable to hear what you're saying. It would be nice addition if you could add Closed Captions to the stream as that would be very helpful for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing streamers and viewers who have hearing loss that get to know what you're saying, and to be involved in the Squirrel Nut House community.

Having Closed Captions also help for Deaf & Hard of Hearing streamers out there that could raid nor host the stream that has Closed Captions involved. I had been approaching streamers about adding the Closed Captions to the stream and it is successful for many communities out there. Just a fair warning that Closed Captions can mistakes at times but can be hilarious at the same time. It is great opportunity where more streamers are using Closed Captions so that Twitch could do something about adding Closed Captions to the stream by default like YouTube does.

I would like to see big streamers like you Squirrel to support Deaf & Hard of Hearing community.

Here are some examples who has closed captions on their streams; (uses Web Captioner as burnt into the stream - theres no way for viewers to turn it off) (uses Captions plugin with OBS Studio, that has CC button to be turned off/on next to settings cog icon on the video player) (uses Web Captioner) (uses Captions plugin with OBS Studio)

If they are not live, please check their past broadcast (VOD) to see the closed captions. Closed Captions in the VOD only works with Web Captioner and the Captions plugin for OBS Studio which I strongly recommend it. The downside for twitch closed captions extensions does not include in the VOD, as been discussed with extension developers out there, it is not possible via extension.

With the extensions, there are so many streamers that are using it but are not aware of the downside that it doesn't include in the VOD which you could see here - Now with the Stream Closed Captioner twitch extension that is created by talk2megooseman, it allows viewers to turn on/off the captions as well can drag & move captions box around any where on the screen. To install twitch extension, its quite simple to find it in your dashboard via Extensions, type in search box "stream closed captioner" without quotes.


Many thanks for your post.

I understand that Squirrel has already looked at your email on the same subject  sqrlYES


This would be great. Seeing more streamers having an option to have captioning on the stream would definitely help not only deaf/hard of hearing but people who can't use sound when they're watching.

Hopefully Squirrel will consider checking out these Captioning tools that he can add to his streams.  :)


I feel that you got nothing to lose by adding closed captions. They have more of a purpose than showing your stream chat in your stream that only your viewers can see .(not the twitch chat). I am not here to dictate your streaming style of course . However there is  a lot more deaf/ hard of hearing streamers and veiwers than  you may know. I did not realize that myself.


Thank you for your posts.

As I said before, Squirrel has the information and will be reviewing it.  sqrlYES

There are however a number of other projects with fixed deadlines which require to be given priority.

Thank you for your understanding.  sqrlLOVE

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