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Delan Clip, for those who can't afford Track IR

Started by Mapexslayer, Apr 27, 2015, 09:52 pm

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to make everyone aware of the Delan Clip.

Here is the website:

Basically it is an alternative to the Track IR system, which IMO is just as good and a hell of a lot cheaper.

For just over £30 you get essentially the same system as a Track IR 5 but with a much sturdier clip.

There is some config to do and it isn't as "plug and play" as Track IR, but it supports the same games and possibly more as Track IR is becoming limited due to their politics with developers, but I won't discuss that here.  ;)

Once you have the PS3 camera set up and the clip attached to your headset or cap, you will need to download Free Track to run it:

There is also a driver for the PS3 Eye Camera that you need, and unfortunately it is not free, but it is cheap:

So essentially for roughly £40 ish you have a "Track IR" solution and I can confirm it works every bit as well as Track IR 5 pro (I have tried both and sold my Track IR after trying this)

Hope this helps someone out there.

Many thanks.
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Chris (chjl1234)

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This sure sounds a good alternative! Will be checking this out.
Squirrel the awesome!


The thing is, is it as reliable and is it as effective as the sensor with TrackIR which is very high quality. I would like to see this in action to see what the results produce.


The Delan clip works well with track IR 5, I use it myself, no more broken head sensors as the Delan clip is of metal construction  sqrlYES

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