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Witch monitor setup is best for me?

Started by kevintransp, Feb 20, 2018, 01:24 pm

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Feb 20, 2018, 01:24 pm Last Edit: Feb 20, 2018, 01:31 pm by kevintransp
Hello guys,
I am building a setup te play Euro Truck simulator 2 as realistic as possible. For the monitor setup i would like to ask your thoughts.

My final goal is to create a view like if your in a real truck, so1 front window and 2 side windows where also the mirrors are.

What should be the best ultimate setup for this goal and main important how many inch monitors should i choose.

For the front window should i go for say 2 x 24 inch of 1 bigger (ultra wide) screen.

i have the geforce gtx 1050ti. iam confused with al the resolutions, the more i search the more doubts i get.


You would normally have three monitors -  the size would  largely depend on how much space you have - or one widescreen.

See if this video from Squirrel helps  -


i have seen that video already. Space is unlimited, eventually i will create a real truck cabin in full size with real dashboard.
Is there some resolution where i should go for?
Must be al the monitors have the same resolution/size?

I never worked with a multi monitor setup in games before and i don't wanna end buying the wrong stuff.

Thanks for your reply!


A lot of it is down to preference and budget.

If you search online you will find advice on buying monitors, more than can be given here.  Have a look on YouTube.

There are a number of issues to consider.  This article looks at some of them  -

You will also find advice on setting up monitors of different resolutions.  It is possible, but there are some additional steps that you would need to take.  It is unlikely to work with Nvidia Surround and bezel correction could be an issue.

Finally consider that a 1051ti will not run 3 monitors at 4K, so that will limit the max to 1080p.



thanks that link tells me more.
But what is can't find is witch resolution ETS2 needs to get a view wide enough to see both mirrors. Maybe its better to use a beamer with a fish eye lens?


As far as I know this will be more down to set up than resolution.

There is much more on how the game handles multi-monitor support here  -

Note that you need to be using either Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity or equivalent depending on your graphics chipset type.


We use 24" dual monitors with a gtx1060 in our studio -

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