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Subscriber Gaming - Code of Conduct

Started by Squirrel, Nov 11, 2017, 12:18 pm

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Subscriber Gaming - Code of Conduct

As part of the New Subscriber Gaming project that is developing in the Nuthouse, comes the opportunity to get involved as a whole new level with Paul on stream. You will be invited at times to join Paul during the livestream and chat. Naturally, "with great power comes great responsibility"…

The Nuthouse standards of a PG stream will remain at all times. Since you will be heard by all viewers you must conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Swearing, screaming and shouting are absolutely to be avoided and you should ensure that you do not have a noisy background when you talk. Be yourself and have fun, of course, but also be aware that you form part of the stream and thus the goal is to make it an enjoyable experience for the viewers as well. If you are unable to comply then it is best that you do not join.

Unfortunately (and inevitably) there will be someone who joins and is unable to control themselves and follow the above rules. If that's the case then the admin team can and if necessary, will, remove you from the live room and from the game. If this happens then you will not be invited to the next four livestream sub events. A repeat offence will result in a permanent ban from all future events.

This may sound harsh but the penalty has to be strong enough to deter those that might find it amusing to disrupt the stream for everyone. The reputation of the community and its standing are paramount. We are confident that the vast majority of the community can and will have a wonderful time, but we have to be clear about the consequences of being "that guy".

We hope that no one will breech standards and hope that fun is had by all. Thanks for your reasonable understanding.

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