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C:S modlist for Feb 25th, Network Extension etc.

Started by PieroBelgetti, Feb 26, 2017, 09:27 am

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Feb 26, 2017, 09:27 am Last Edit: Feb 26, 2017, 10:21 am by PieroBelgetti
Currently watching Yesterday's VOD and also checking a few thoughts of mine.

You have to consider some of the mods in the list being pretty old - Nutterdam age so to say. The game has evolved over the last two years with a highly active modder scene. Also you have to consider mods and assets for this game follows forking and dependencies - like on Github or with any decent Linux packaging service.

Current situation on February 2017 streams:
  • Network Extension The author made a fork to his own mod stating the older version no longer being compatible. I saw you installing Network Extensions 2 without deinstalling the previous one. I'm well surprised of those two working together, probably only because of the load order. I suggest cancelling subscription.
  • Traffic Manager: President Edition is a mod which takes care of many traffic related stuff. It should not be accompaigned by other traffic related mods other than stated compatible on its Workshop page. I'd suggest de-installing Toggle Traffic Lights and the little icon you have on the lowermost line of your screen allowing to free place ped crossings. TMPE has a decent manual which I strongly recommend to consult prior to extended use.
  • The RICO mod is a game changer but nice for people liking to figure acrobat around residental, industrial, commercial and office. However, all the RICO buildings work fine in my installation without having subscribed to this mod.
  • Move It works fine along Prop & Tree Anarchy and the Prop Line Tool [PLT]. However, all three I suggest testing and getting familiar off the stream.
  • In general assets are less affected by updates on mods or the game itself. This helps having older ones from 2015 still be in use in also the latest cities. In other words: trying is always worth it and errors rare to occur.
  • And yes, the Ambient Sounds Tuner 2.0 still works with my version of Natural Disasters. sqrlHUG

  • Consider unpausing the game in case strange things occur. Some snapping may take effect after some steps of simulation.
  • Take into account that alterring road types results in different width requirements. Move It or vanilla building movement may help gaining that extra pixel preventing a road upgrade.

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