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Get traffic to use more lanes

Started by PieroBelgetti, Sep 17, 2016, 07:27 pm

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In Traffic Manager President Edition activate the two AI options:

When using lane connectors consider using them also crosswise within your intersections.


Sep 20, 2016, 04:40 pm Last Edit: Oct 08, 2016, 08:47 pm by whiteland92
Already turned on advance ai ;)

~did not notice he turned it off D: my bad.


Oh, Whiteland. You must be trolling us.  sqrlLOVE
He turned it back off not long after:

From my experience the train derpiness has nothing to do with TMPE. It must be the limit of the vanilla game. I suggest checking all local lines for errors - even considering re-erecting all of them. The game seems to not handle track rebuilds well.

In those minutes of the VOD where "advanced AI" was turned on in certain parts of the city the A.I. could be seen using more than one lane. We have to consider that whether or nor it is turned on or not lane changing always only takes place at an always same spot in between intersections. To make most use of this behaviour distances in between has to be sufficient for the slower traffic this is causing.

Another way is to avoid too many merging points. This can be done by always attach multiple roads with the same number of lanes to eachother. E.g. you could bring in a single lane into a two-lane motorway then continuing it altogether as a three-lane motorway either up to the next junction or up to a point far away reducing it to a two-lane one.


I've spend a couple of hours (or maybe days) on those traffic problems. Avoiding merching points does help quite well, but it doesn't solve the problem, that the ai will change lanes at some points on longer multi lane roads for no reason and will cause massive cues. Still trying to find a solution for that.

To solve the train problem I seperated passenger and freight lines, connecting them only at those stations at the end of the map. Outgoing passenger trains are still not moving, but the freight trains and entering passenger trains are, which I think is the best solution you can get.

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