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Best Budget Manual steering wheal

Started by meengamer, Sep 05, 2016, 05:01 pm

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I'm searching for a steering wheal to play ETS2/ATS but i only have £130 i have looked on eBay for a g27 but the cheapest i could find filled out my budget so i was wondering is there a wheal of good quality for about £100. But tings i need is the wheal to come with a manual sifter and pedals to accompany them

Thanks for reading this



Have a look at this Forum post and see if it helps.

There is a table on the linked page that shows whether the wheels include paddle or shifters.  At the price you are considering none is likely to include a full clutch set up.

You can have a look at reviews on each wheel by clicking on the links.


I got a second hand logitech driveforce gt for £55 on ebay which I'm very happy with. These are good wheels and pedals (but don't have a clutch).


meengamer: I must admit it is extremely difficult to find a good low-budget gaming wheel. A lot of the Thrustmasters have only two pedals and no shifter. With Logitech one has to buy the shifter separatedly. The Logitech G29 plus shifter clocks in at GBP 160 plus.

What platform do you need the wheel for? PC? Console?


meengamer after some looking around sikejsudjek ercommendation seems the only wheel/pedal/shifter used at a reasonable price level. I couldn´t find a conclusive list of platforms the wheel can be used with. I found PC and PS but can´t say that for sure.

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