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GTA 5 blue screens of about 40 mins of game play

Started by Kiebob97, Jun 29, 2016, 02:59 pm

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When i play GTA 5 for about 40 mins the game freezes and then i get a blue screen error saying "clock_watchdog_timeout"

any help would be appreciated


Google will provide many links on this -

This You Tube might be a good starting point, but there are many other posts.


Thanks for link just watch the video, but its only when i play gta 5 if i play any other games it fine just that one game its a bit strange i think that is when it happens randomly


"The CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error means that your processor is having trouble with cooperation from its cores and threads. Threads are tasks taken by cores, and some cores can take many threads simultaneously. The problem here is that a thread is waiting for a proper response from another thread -- or a core is waiting for a response from another core -- and those responses aren't coming. Therefore, you get this BSoD error."

It could be that this game is pushing your system harder than others.  Have a look at the advice in those posts. The most obvious things to try are (1) make sure that drivers are up to date and (2) lower some graphical settings to see if the problem still happens.


ok thanks

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