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Cheap wheel review - Speedlink Drift OZ

Started by isildore, Jun 26, 2016, 08:01 pm

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Those of you that are looking for a wheel but can't quite stretch to a Logitech G29/27 etc could do a lot worse than the Speedlink Drift OZ.

For around £60, you get a wheel and pedals (just brake/throttle) which work not too bad. With one caveat - it isn't the easiest of the things to setup and the instructions are not helpful.

When you unpack it from the box, you see a wheel which is black and orange in colour with a silver plastic centre boss with matching spokes down to a 'racy' flat bottom (I personally don't like this in real life but it is standard for all racing wheel). The orange part is rubber and is comfortable to hold. It matches the top spec DAF wheel quite well.

The biggest flaw with this wheel is the fact that it uses suction cups to secure it. This is a very poor solution. In a truck sim it isn't usually wrenched from side to side but even then it easily detaches from the desk. So far I have only come a cropper once with this.

The quality is actually quite good. The switches are tight and clicky and the bonus sequential gear stick has a nice feel while clicking between gears. It has force feedback (though not very accurate and not particularly powerful) which is a bonus at this low price point. It has your normal Xbox controls and has two input modes (Xinput and DirectInput).

There is a deadzone which when not setup correctly is impossible to play with however, once setup correctly it is quite good.

In summary, for £60 you can't quite complain and as a first wheel, I have enjoyed using it for ATS/ETS2. It is even better in Live For Speed. Very responsive and quick. A real joy to use.

However, setup was a pain, especially for ATS/ETS2 for me as I had a few issues. However, I figured it out and the process is below;

Install as normal and make sure the light is RED for DirectInput.
Launch either ATS/ETS2 (in 32bit mode only - it will crash in 64bit mode).

Hopefully this is of help.

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