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Some New addons

Started by thetrainsimfan, Mar 05, 2016, 04:00 pm

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Here are some great Addons that i found from virtualRailroads, RSSLO, ChrisTrains and Armstrong Powerhouse (see images)
What can i tell about them:
They operate very realistic (See videos on youtube about them)
They use real sounds
They are very detailed.
I own some of them (vR DB Class 103, ChrisTrains Sprinter and Mat '64 and AP Class 40 and 456) but i don't own RSSLO addons.

So what do you think? sqrlYES
With Respect,

TheTrainSimFan, AKA The Timeout King


Another place to look is RailTraction, especially if you have the U-Frankfurt route, as they have released the U2 Duewag and Ptb Duewag trains

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