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When I am live, why not send a delivery with PayPal and have your message come up live on the stream! What's more, when you donate I will change the colour of your on-screen chat name to show that you are a supporter!

Since I don't run ads during the stream, donations are very much appreciated and help me stay as a full-time content creator. Minimum donation is $2 or 200 bits, which helps keep trolls away.

DONATE NOW by clicking on the button above then put in your Twitch name (very important for your chat colour!), the amount in dollars and your message.

Thank you!

Twitch Subscriber Benefits
  • Use 31 unique emoticons across ALL of Twitch
  • Do not see any adverts on the channel
  • Squirrel loyalty badge icon in Twitch chat
  • Access to sub-only commands such as !mods
  • Access to The Nut House Teamspeak 3 server
  • Access to The Nut House Discord server
  • Access a subscriber-only section on the forums
  • Take part in subscriber-only events
  • Exclusive on-screen white subscriber chat name
  • Can chat during sub-only mode
  • My gratitude <3