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Idea for track IR alternative?

Started by sleepingjackal1, Jul 15, 2019, 06:30 am

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I just had an idea that is either going to make me look like an idiot or like a genius.

When I watch squirrel's stream, seeing him use the track IR makes me want one, however, it's just so expensive.

I was thinking though, a smartphone, or most smartphones these days have gyroscopes and Accelerometers to determine the position and angle of the phone.

would it not be possible to link the phone to the computer using the wifi network, use some kind of controller app to use the positioning of the phone to control mouse movement and then throw the phone in a pocket in a hat or something so it moves as your head moves.

Doing some research in to the idea now and I can see thre are apps out there for useing a phone as a controller making use of the tilt feature. I'm not smart enough to fully understand my idea yet but I am looking to see if anyone has heard of this being done or if anyone can tell me if this is a waste of my time to be looking in to this for some reason.

Just thought I would share the idea and see if anyone has heard of this before.

Love the streams btw.


idk. Think how good facial recognition is. wouldn't it be simple to use the face cam it self to read pitch, roll and yaw.

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