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Suggestion for streaming: Stationeers

Started by metamarty, Jan 12, 2018, 10:32 am

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I want to point everybody to a game that fits perfectly in the nuthouse domain: Stationeers.
I've discovered it recently and have been playing it online for over 70 hours now.
It's a sandbox base space base building game with native multiplayer.

The normal survival mode spawns the player on a randomly generated moon with craters, crevasses and random ore deposits that can mined. The ores can be used to create metals and metals can be turned into usable base-building components.

The difference with other games is the deep physics and system simulations, like internal pressure in contained areas with gas mixtures and temperature simulation. There's also extensive support for logic and computers by building wires, batteries, solar panels, lights etc. Most stuff can be controlled with logic chips and various sensors that can be placed in the base.

Having played this in multiplayer I can say that although it is in alpha, multiplayer stability seems to be well enough to sustain hour long sessions.

In my opinion this could be used in very interesting streams with Paul, Steve and others.

The game is currently available on steam in early access. I'd be happy to share more experiences with this game.

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