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HOW TO: Fly Large Aircraft In FsEconomy

Started by lukeprioronizoodle, May 12, 2017, 05:35 pm

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In this quick guide I will be teaching you how to fly larger aircraft with FsEconomy, I do recommend that you get yourself familiar with fseconomy's basics such as doing your first flight before continuing with this guide.

Step 1)

Navigate to the airports tab in FsEconomy.

Step 2)

Select your desired aircraft in the drop down menu, then click on the 'go' button.

Step 3)

Select an airport of your choice.

Step 4)

Look at the available aircraft's section for your desired aircraft, make sure to keep note of its tail number.

Step 5)

Find the assignment under the assignments section that has your aircraft, you can identify it with the tailnumber that shows up with this assignment, remember to click the box on the left to select it.

Step 6)

Click the button shown below to fly the assignment.

Step 7)
At this point you are ready to fly. If you want check if the assignment has been selected under the My Flights tab, it will look like this; From this point you can navigate to your sim, select the exact aircraft and prep for flight. Remember to click 'start flight' in your client and at the end click 'end flight' unless you are using the FSX/P3D client which will end the flight when you apply the parking brake.

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