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Steering wheel reminder needed

Started by impearse, Nov 25, 2016, 07:38 pm

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I finally purchased FS17 and got it installed. My F430 wheel works fine with FS15 so I (so I thought) followed the same setup for FS17. But, it doesn't work. Combined axes are set for the pedals, wheel turned on in the General options, brake and accelerator assigned to the correct axis... have I missed anything?

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Ok, more info. I have swapped out my T100 Thrustmaster for my wife's Thrustmaster FGT Rumble. My pedals have started to go funny when looking in Control Panel - 1 pedal will always seem to have 50% input set up  makes it really difficult in ATS! My wife's looks OK, and will work fine in ATS and FS15 but has the same problem in FS17 as mine - the game just doesn't seem to see the pedal axes.

My Thrustmaster drivers are the latest, removed and reinstalled twice, with a reboot and cleanup in between... now getting confused...

Have you other folks out there managed to get wheels/pedals to work? What are you using? To recap, my wheel works fine, it's just the pedals.

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I'm using a Thrustmaster T300 with the standard 2 pedals.
I've not got combined pedal set within the software, but have set the "Stop and Go Breaking" option set to Off in game so that I have to press the break pedal again to get the tractor/combine into reverse.


My G27 pedals has decided to stop working, but only when I join the livestream!!!???
Works fine on single player and if I set up a multiplayer server. Gas and brake do not work, clutch acts like camera control, so I have to press it half way down in order to stop the camera from rotating!
Anyone have any idea?

(have the latest Logitech profiler installed)


You can try removing the keybinds for Look-Left and Look-Right and the Clutch if your not using it.  Should fix it.

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