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How to port rims from ETS2 to ATS?

Started by b51bomber, Feb 19, 2016, 05:35 am

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Hi peeps, I wanted to know if someone could port the Sirius rims from ets2 to ats or advice on how to do it my self

Thanks in advance :P



I am not sure that you are able to do that because I tried doing it with the config files of several configurable objects in ETS 2 which were not available in ATS. Unfortunately it did not work and I had to reinstall ETS 2 as I lost the config for the objects to work in ETS 2.

I can only assume that SCS will add all of the things which are in ETS 2 to ATS because I know that there have been requests for it to be done. There are also mod writers redeveloping the compatibility of their mods so it may be worth going to the ats lt website and looking for what you want there.

If you need further assistance or you wish me to find a mod for you then please do not hesitate to send me a message on the forums or on

Many Thanks

Jack Reeves
Jack Reeves

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