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Truck Skins

Started by munch1431, Feb 15, 2016, 07:24 pm

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So I've recently learn't how to create truck skins for the Kenworth T680 and Peterbuilt 579, however I want to test my skills.

I'm asking for you to suggest truck skins I can create. Please make sure I'm able to find example images to work of. I don't want to create skins already made, and if my skins are successful I will release them!



you could model some real life skins of trucks ~ a number trucker youtubers have been modelled in the past for ETS2 and the ones available for ATS are far from 100% ~ thus you get to test your skills, compare against what out there already and normally if you show them via twitter, facebook or email they tend to give you and your work a shout out in a video.


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