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What mods would you make for ATS

Started by Jspence73, Jan 30, 2016, 04:38 pm

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If you really wanted a mod for American Truck Simulator what would you make for me I would make the Kenworth T908 I'd love to hear what you guys would make it can be anything like map mods or even truck mods that we don't have yet

Feel free to post anything you wish  sqrlYES

Happy trucking Jspence73


A mod to improve fines... so you are not fined when its not your fault or as soon as you go through a speed sign, if its possible.


Don't think there is much possibility to mod the fines (other than change the amounts/turning them off) but would like to see more realistic speeding fines (based on how fast you where going instead of having a flat rate).

It would also be interesting if you could take overweight loads (from time to time get an option when picking up a trailer to load something extra) and take the gamble not being pulled over at the weigh station, adds a little extra dimension to the mechanic of the weigh stations as currently its just drive in and you're good to go.

Map wise I would love to see the Pan American Highway eventually come to the game, how awesome would it be to drive from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska all the way down to Ushuaia, Argentina (if done with the level of detail we currently see in ATS).


In terms of Map mods (or DLC) I would love to see parts Canada modded to include technical/difficult mountain roads, going up to collect logs, imagine having to control speed with heavy loads coming down and needing powerful trucks to get up with equipment.

Also want to see SCS to being in multi articulation to create a greater challenge and more options for modders.


If I could make mods, I'd probably make one where the gps has a chance of failing/ loosing signal or sending you to the wrong drop off point, just to make it more interesting.


Seasons I would love to see the trees change colors in fall. Snow fall instead of rain in winter. You get the idea.


I think I'd make a mod that makes towns/cities busier at peak hours. This would mean you'd have to plan your journey better by either taking an alternate route to avoid heavy traffic, or giving yourself more time. It would certainly be more like real life!


1)The first thing i can think of is lift axles on not only the trucks but i really really want them on the trailers so that you have to lower and raise them going around corners such as in real life.  i hope someone sees this and can make that happen.  :)  

2)BIG stacks and BIG visors because this is Murica!  haha, im sure people will give me a hard time for that one.

3)as well, i do like the idea of seasons and extra traffic when it is realistic :)

4)lastly, for now anyways, I see a lot of people not liking the police and fines but that is part of the realism to me and i dont like that you dont get pulled over.  i think you should.

thanks for reading this everyone :)
It's Justin, not jusitn...


I'd be happy with a few small changes to my T680's digital display by moving the cruise control speed above the mileage and putting a trip counter in its place.  I've tried looking for a tutorial, but my google-fu is failing me.  So if anyone knows of a good one or a dash tweak mod thats well commented so I can reverse engineer from it I'd appreciate it.


im just playing right now and you know what i would really like to see in game, and let me know what you guys think, but i would love if the trucks were like the tractors in Farm Sim where you could actually click on the parking brakes instead of pressing buttons to activate everything.  i have Track IR so this is very convenient but if you dont i guess it would be cool to maybe right click and then all the clickable buttons would show up.  that would be so realistic!!!  as much as i love my G27, that would be amazing!!
It's Justin, not jusitn...

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